Dictation 95 - Internet Addiction


Dictation 95 text

Increasing number of people all over the world are victims of computer game obsessions or addiction to Internet chat rooms. The problem is much more serious than the media would have us to think. They are inclined to emphasize the positive side of computer games – that they are very entertaining – something almost no one would deny. Journalists are right to point out that they can also help people develop skills, such as concentration and problem-solving. Unfortunately, however, for between six to ten per cent of users, games and Internet chat lines become a problem. They spend hours of their time sitting at their computers – in the worst cases users will play games non-stop for whole weekends. Sooner or later this begins to jeopardize their professional and personal lives, and even their physical health.
There are two main reasons that people become addicted to computer games. The first is what is termed `avoidance`: in this case the person is trying to ignore other problems, such as marital strife or financial trouble. Like drug addicts, they try to create a world free from stress, pain and worry. A second reason is fantasy: the person escapes, or gains self-esteem, by adopting online personalities. They can be an airline pilot one minute, and fifteen minutes later the director of a company, or a warrior.