Dictation 51 - The Day of the Run


Dictation 51 text

I wish I`d paid more attention to the way things were the day of the Run. I guess I was too excited. The riders lined up as for as you could see. Out in front of the line was a soldier, holding a gun. We could tell which rider was Papa by the red handkerchief he tied around the crown of his hat. Watching the line, it seemed like an awful long time ago that he`d kissed Mama and Nell and me, and shaken hands with Tom and told him to look after us. If anything happened to Papa…
There was a terrible roaring noise and the ground shook under me. It was the Run! All I could see was a long cloud of dust, going faster and faster. In a few minutes the men on horseback began to pull away from the rest. I saw a flash of red going out of sight and I knew it was Papa.