Dictation 42 - The Village


Dictation 42 text

Last week I made the mistake of revisiting the village where I grew up. It was a small, friendly community with tow farms and a number of old cottages round the village green. I realized very quickly that although in many ways it appears unchanged, in reality hardly anything is the same. All the pretty cottages are there, and most of the picturesque farmhouses. But none of the inhabitants are country people. All of them are commuters, who leave early every morning for the nearby town. Neither of the farmhouses is attached to a farm these days; the land has been sold and is managed by somebody in an office somewhere. There are a few new houses but they have none of the local character; you can see the same style anywhere in the country. The whole of the village, in fact, has been tidied up so much that it has become nothing more than just another suburb.