Dictation 24 - One day of Teresa


Dictation 24 text

On weekdays, Teresa always gets up at half past six. She usually has a shower, then she has breakfast. She starts looking for her school bag. She can never find it, but it is often under her bed. Teresa goes to school at eight o`clock. She usually rides her bike to school. But today she is taking the bus because she is late. Before school Teresa sometimes talks to her friends.
From Monday to Friday Teresa has classes from half past eight to three in the afternoon. Her favourite time is lunch break. She often brings a sandwich or a hamburger for her lunch, but sometimes she buys her food at the school snack bar.
On Tuesday and Thursday, Teresa works at a flower shop near her school. She likes her part-time job very much because it helps her make a lot of new friends.
In the evening Teresa does her homework, watches a little TV, and goes to bed around half past ten.